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About the association

Eurotivities Scandinavia (Association) - Organization number: 821391342 Norway
We believe in dreams, small or big doesn't matter, Dreams can create new chances for you, me and us
Here we are to make it true together, We will help you to start a successful business and let us do the heavy lifting For Free

As we know if anyone wants to create a company, it will be very expensive the cost of identity and website design and so on, it's up to 200,000 NOK or more and here we help you for free almost

We help you from A to Z

Business plan
We will work on a plan of how to start, manage, develop your business, and earn money.

We will work together to train and advise you how to manage your business.

Business identity design
We will design your Logo, Business card, Letterhead, envelope, Flyer and Poster.

Website creation
We will create for you full website from A to Z suit your business and easy to manage.

Company creation
We will help you to create your company as a Sole Proprietorship or limited company.

Bank account creation
We will help you to apply for Bank account to manage your income and outcome.

Trademark registration
Don't let anyone get your success easily, it's important to protect your business name.

Marketing Plan
We will teach you how to promote your business physical and digital with affordable prices.

Accounting consulting
We will give you advices regard Tax, VAT, and Annual account.

Fees you need to pay
5,570 kr for Limited company - AS registration
2,940 kr for Trademark registration 3 Classes
1,000 kr for Domain name and webhosting
??? kr for Bank account monthly fee
??? kr for Marketing fees


Below part of our seeds

How to Apply

It's time to take an action can change your life forever.
We are more than happy to hear from you, you can simply apply to get help to regard your new or current business, and we will get back to you with answer whiten 4 days.



We appreciate each krone you donate for us to help us making future for many people they really need a right step in their future


We are collecting donations to pay for meeting places, advertising purposes, and equipment only.
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